I am a perfectionist who works with the imperfect. Each carefully chosen item; be it a silk scarf, leather handbag or tailored jacket...has minor imperfections due to wear and age. I delicately disguise them with patches that I source globally and bring each piece back to life with handfinished trim and pure elbow grease. Not only do I want you to see the beauty in the newly restored item but I also want you to have a piece of designer history that has been restored, restyled and that is ready to join the retro revival that fashion is now experiencing.


I include labels with my silk scarves with a brief history of the designers in question...to dream a little dream of past and present.

I try to give each piece I work on its edge, that little detail that captures your attention when you walk past it...so that you stop and engage with it and... decide to take it home.



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